Monday, October 24, 2011

last few photos...

two chickens underneath my seat on the bus... wrapped in plastic!

Well, I am home safely and thought I owed my readers a few more photos.  Above are the two chickens I spoke of that were a seat behind me on the bus from Kitgum to Kampala.  I guess I should not have been too worried about them coming up to peck my ankles because these guys were wrapped in plastic to prevent running around.  Very civilized!

Below is a picture of the melee that occurs when the bus stops... would you like some goat meat on a stick, or cassava, or fried plantains, or a drink, or some milk in a plastic bag - NO is the right answer.  Unless you carry a lot of Immodium with you.

Below is a picture of the headwaters of the Nile River outside of a city called Jinga, Uganda.
I was lucky enough to get a day or so at a nice guest house right on the shore here - Nice view!  Awesome river and great birdwatching.

The last one is a bike I saw near the river's edge...  It is remarkable that people can make something so worn out and old work so long, patched up but rideable. They make do.
 It kind of sums up Africa.

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