Thursday, October 13, 2011

little joys

We sponsor a child here at the school and I was able to take him shopping a couple of days ago for a backpack, shoes, and some clothes.  That is another story... white woman bargaining with local shops for goods.  I imagine I didn't get the best price.  ANYWAY - today I got called up to the office and his mother had brought me a thank you gift of a "popo".  I think it is a breadfruit, but I am not sure and gave it to the cook here to prepare for tomorrow.  I'll tell you about how it is later.  Pretty amazing to get a gift from a desperately poor widow with 5 children, I wanted to hand it back and give her all my cash too.  But I graciously thanked her so as not to embarrass her or myself.

Another little joy was to be invited over to Peter's home to meet his family.  Peter is the Clinical Officer at the clinic.  He is not really a full medical doctor - so I guess he is more like a Physicians Assistant in our system.  He is a lovely guy, with good clinical sense, a great work ethic and a quiet, kind manner.  We got to meet his wife and mother and his child Shadrack.  I asked if the next two kids would be Meshak and Abendigo  (a little old testament joke for those of you paying attention)  Peter said, "God willing!"

These are two photos of he and his wife and son, and then one of us sitting around the tree on their land.  They have mud huts for each family member. (grandma, two sons and their families, one cousin) Imagine keeping your work shirts/pants, shoes all clean and in good condition if you lived in a mud hut without electricity - REALLY!  He took us in his hut to see it, all swept clean.  They roll out a foam mattress on the mud floor to sleep on.  He has a box on one side that he keeps his medical books, certificates and cell phone in.  They have an iron that they fill with hot charcoal to iron his clothes each day before going to work (walking about 3 miles to work).
I have to admit - I am in awe of Peter, and what it must take to get to work each day.  I am going to buy him a bike as I leave, as a thank you present for his gracious hospitality.

PS we brought the sodas  :)


  1. Hey...I think that is a HUGE Papaya...:) Warren says that's the kind they had in Micronesia....:) What beautiful people. Yes...just can't even imagine how they are able to wash and IRON..clothes in muds huts and then walk 3 miles one way to work...very humbling. Love you!

  2. Love the photos Laurel!! Makes it appear that we are there!!!